Monday, 18 July 2011

New Story-Round Up At The Burger Bar The Story of Trixie Pug Part 2

Trixie Pug will one day rise to CEO of the second most powerful fast food chain the galaxy. This story tells the tale of her early life and how she slid her way to the top of the greasy mountain crushing those who got in her way like a stale hamburger bun. (Like a stale bun would ever happen! Not!) 

In this second installment in a series about the early life of Trixie Pug. By the year 3333 and 1/3 Trixie will rise to become CEO of Heavenly Sky Burger, the second most powerful of the fast food companies that run the galaxy.

Anxious to slide up the greasy corporate ladder Trixie schemes to control rocket scientist, Herman Pug by marrying him thus securing his inventions for HSB. 

As Trixie readies to pop the question, Herman announces he has other plans. How's an ambitious, overweight, fast-foodie girl supposed to get ahead now? Oh well, never mind I'll have fries with that burger. 

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Trixie first appeared in the novel Attack of the Lushites available as an e-book and in print from 

New story - Shoeless Moe

A twisted take on a classic tale. Headline screams: Old-Woman-who-lives-in-a-shoe Found Murdered! The accused? The night beat Big City Bugle News reporter! In a desperate race against time to clear his name he must find Shoeless Moe or this headline will be his last.

Desperate for a headline Big City News night beat reporter, Rumplestiltskin gets excited about news of the murder of Old-Woman-Who-Lives-In-A-Shoe. Too bad he's accused. Too bad he must run. Too bad he can't find Shoeless Moe who might clear his name.

Oh well, a lot of stuff happens, on the night beat.... 

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